Jim Carrey’s Foghat Tribute

Foghat LogoIn 1999, Jim Carrey showed up in disguise at the MTV Movie Awards sporting a giant Duck Dynasty beard, long scraggly hair past his shoulders, and some vintage 70’s shades. People in the Green Room actually thought he was Rob Zombie. When Jim Carrey was announced as an award winner, he saunted up to stage with a Jim Morrison-like strut. He announced that after losing out on the Oscar, he took some time away to embrace a new lifestyle. Keeping fully in character, Jim asked the MTV Programming Department, “Would it kill you once in awhile to play a little Foghat?” With that little snappy comeback, Jim Carrey got the iconic 70’s blues-rock band trending worldwide.

FOGHATFoghat are an English rock band best known for two unforgettable singles, “Slow Ride” and “Fool For The City”. Their boogie rock style, funky slide guitar solos, and their heavy bass sound created two of the 70’s ultimate classic rock jams. “Slow Ride, take it easy…..” Foghat scored another big hit with a cover of Willie Dixon’s “I Just Want To Make Love To You” but their career never made a huge commercial splash after their breakthrough hits. Since their debut in the 70’s, there have been 19 different versions of the band’s lineup but they’re still out there touring even after all of these years. If you’re up for a little vintage 70’s rock, check them out when they’re touring the States this summer. http://foghat.net/foghat-tour-schedule/

“SLOW RIDE” Foghat