Jonathan Davis (Korn) Solo Album and Tour Info

KORN may be on hiatus but lead singer Jonathan Davis is prepping for a huge 2018!   He just dropped his first solo single, “What It Is”, a throwback 90s Alt-Rock power ballad that should be a huge hit with Korn fans.   Jonathan holds back some of the over-the-top theatrics but still mesmerizes with his usual intensity and that distinctive voice that instantly calls to mind those early 2000 classics.   The lyrics on “What It Is” remind us of hits like “Freak On A Leash” and “Shoots And Ladders”.

Pretty soon you’ll have to face, you’re a virus called the human race.  And I’ll never never know. I have done everything.  Everything not to feel what it is I’m feeling.  This basement devil is kicking the ass of my angel on the ceiling.”



Signed to Sumerian Records, there is no release date for the Jonathan Davis solo album but the label has disclosed his solo tour will be kicking off on April 6th in Portland.   After a couple months in the States, Davis will be heading overseas for a summer tour in Europe.  Jonathan is proud of the solo record which he states has been in the works for 10 years now and he’s excited for Korn fans to hear the new direction he’s taking.   No, he’s not leaving Korn, just a little creative outlet between their albums.   The video for “What It Is” has a spooky vibe that conjures up images of the Heath Ledger Joker scenes in Batman: The Dark Knight.