Juanes’ Legacy Of Grammy Domination

Juanes A Dios ElThe Grammy Award, a celebration for excellence in your craft.   Many artists dream of writing that one killer song or album and one day taking home a cherished golden megaphone prize.   Some artists like Michael Jackson, Santana, and Adele dominate a year so incredibly that they leave with an armful of Grammy awards in one night.   But Latin rocker, Juanes, deserves special consideration for his incredible lock on one major category for a five year run.   During 2001 to 2005, Juanes was nominated four of the five years for Best Rock Song Of The Year at the Latin Grammy Awards.   He won all four times!


Juanes GrammyIn 2002, “A Dios Le Pido”, went to #1 in twelve countries in 2002.    The song’s translation “I Ask God” is a hymn for worldwide peace and protection for your family and loved ones.   It was Juanes second straight Latin Grammy Award for Best Rock Song after “Fijate Bien” in 2001.    The Colombian rocker went for the Three-Peat in 2003 and won for “Mala Gente”, a sexy rocker with an incredible guitar solo.   Despite being released in 2004, Juanes’ next CD, netted another Grammy winner “Nada Valgo Sin Tu Amor” but qualified for 2005.   Altogether, 4 for 4 in the Best Rock Song category.   During this five year domination, Juanes also won for Best Album, Record Of The Year, even Best Music Video for a grand total of 20 Grammy Awards in his career.



“VOLVERTE A VER”  (2005 Grammy Video Of The Year)