Judas Priest 30th Anniversary of “Turbo”

What’s the ultimate Judas Priest album?  British Steel or Screaming For Vengeance are usually chosen first.   Painkillers, Defenders of The Faith, and Sad Wings of Destiny will probably score a few votes.  But don’t sleep on their 1987 release, Turbo.   Although Turbo never had that signature hit like “Breaking The Law”, “You’ve Got Another Thing Coming”, or “Victim Of Changes”, it’s a top to bottom killer underrated album from the British heavy metal icons and my vote for their best high energy party album.  The band is celebrating the 30th Anniversary of Turbo with a special remastered double CD.   The first disc is an excellent example for producers on how to remaster an album and not mess it up with too many studio tricks.  Disc Two is a live album that will certainly attract long time fans of the band.

Top Five Tracks On Judas Priest’s “Turbo”:

  • “HOT FOR LOVE”   Four minutes of a fist to the face blast of heavy metal awesomeness.   “Nowhere to run to, nowhere to hide”, it’s the hottest track on the album hands down with an insane guitar solo that stands up to the best songs on Judas Priest’s legacy.
  • “RECKLESS”  – Kicking off with the appropriate line “no one can stop me now”, this is one of the greatest power metal Priest songs of the 80s.   Should have been a huge hit.
  • “WILD NIGHTS, HOT AND CRAZY NIGHTS”   You have to crank the volume to 11 here.  Reminds me of the similarly titled “Big City Nights” by the Scorpions and KISS’ “Crazy Crazy Nights”.
  • “OUT IN THE COLD”  – the power ballad of Turbo, it wasn’t released with a cheesy MTV video so it remains an often overlooked album track.
  • “TURBO LOVER”  – the title track is the most popular live track from the album.  It’s an essential JP track but it’s a testament to the album’s greatness that it only ranks #5 on the set.