Juliet Simms Before “The Voice”, Adam Levine with Wiz Khalifa

“STORY OF MY LIFE” – Automatic Loveletter

“IT’S A MAN’s, MAN’s WORLD” – Juliet Simms

Juliet Simms (from Clearwater, FL!) rocked NBC’s Season II of “The Voice”.   She got the judges to turn around for her version of the Beatles “Oh Darling!”, mesmerized the world with her version of “Roxanne”, and then came her shining moment when she slayed James Brown’s “It’s A Mans, Mans World”.   She was originally the lead singer for a band named Automatic Loveletter who released three CD’s.    Here’s a taste of her earlier sound, “Story Of My Life”.

Juliet was “The Voice” this season but you had to root for Jermaine Paul.   A session singer and backup singer for years for Alicia Keys.   He’s a big guy with an even bigger heart, trying to fight the overwhelming emotions of seeing his career dream reach reality.    Jermaine was the best performer on the last night and deserved the win based on that night’s songs.

Concluding “The Voice” theme, Adam Levine’s band is back with a Top 5 single that throws a few surprises at us.   First surprise is adding Wiz Khalifa’s rap to their pop song, it definitely adds a “cool factor” to their single.    Second surprise is the explicit language with frequent F-bombs dropped by Wiz AND Adam.    Maroon 5 comes across as so soft, this single is edgier than anything they’ve released and I think it’s a great move!    The action movie, bank robbery/chase scenes don’t make a lot of sense but the video is a lot of fun like any good Saturday afternoon popcorn movie!