Shakira, Rainbow, Ryan Star, Chris Brown with Justin Bieber?

“INEVITABLE”                        SHAKIRA

This was the first song I ever heard from Shakira.     It was on MTV Unplugged, didn’t know anything about Shakira but loved her look, intensity, and this song in particular really made me feel exactly what she was expressing.    The English translation doesn’t hold up as well as the original in Spanish.  Back in 1999 for this video, Shakira had the long dark hair which better captures her rocker edge.  My favorite moments are when Shakira takes it down to almost a whisper before the big chorus.  

“START A FIRE”                  RYAN STAR

Reality TV has had their misfires over the years.    Britney & Kevin Chaotic, Sarah Palin’s Alaska, Toddlers & Tiaras???   But one of my favorites was Rock Star: Supernova.    It was hosted by Dave Navarro and the beautiful Brooke Burke.   They were looking for a replacement singer for INXS.    The concept was a little creepy but the talent was incredible and the live performances and reinterpretations of many rock classics was magical.  Ryan Star was considered the “dark horse” of the competition, although he didn’t win, this Long Island rocker is so talented and I hope he keeps putting out great music like his latest CD.


Someone dared me to put on a Justin Bieber song.   I’m cheating a little here, it’s a duet with Chris Brown 🙂    The video is ridiculous with an end of the world theme but the song is HOT.    The lyrics are so upbeat and sweet, it’s a perfect pop anthem.    Love the intro: 

“You’ve got that smile that only heaven can make.   I’ll pray to God that everyday you keep that smile”


MTV banned this video.   In the first two minutes of this epic clip, a ticking watch, a psychiatrist hypnotizing a patient, MTV thought it was too dangerous for TV.   The video is alive on YouTube so watch it if you’ve never seen it!   Rainbow was originally inspired by classical music.   Led by Richie Blackmore
and Ronnie James Dio, this hard rock group took a more commercial turn when Dio left for Black Sabbath and Joe Lynn Turner took over lead vocals.    “Street Of Dreams” has a classic early MTV sound complete with keyboards and a Billie Jean-like video.