K-Ci & JoJo: They’re Back!

kci-jojo-knock-it-offEarlier this week, Jodeci was highlighted in a recent post.  K-Ci and Jojo along with Devante Swing and Dalvin became one of the definitive R&B bands of the last 25 years.  K-Ci and JoJo also released side projects during their heyday.  The hit, “All My Life”, went straight to #1 and became a wedding day staple.   Their first hit, “If You Think You’re Lonely Now” challenged the brilliant original version by Bobby Womack.   They contributed to two Tupac classics, How Do You Want It and Toss It Up. After a string of R&B solo hits, their careers stalled in 2002 and the duo fell into the traps of addiction, alcoholism, and K-Ci’s arrest for lewd behavior.

kci and jojoFast forward to 2011, Kenneth “Babyface” Edmunds, sees K-Ci’s cleaned up his act and signs the duo to his new label.  Their lead single, Knock It Off, is vintage 90’s soul.   They look older, in fact, K-Ci’s looking a little like Dave Chappelle in the video, but their sound is back.   Look forward to a September 2013 release for their new CD, My Brother’s Keeper.






“HOW DO YOU WANT IT”   With Tupac