Katy Perry – Dark Horse: Shades of Michael Jackson


remember the time michael jacksonWhen Michael Jackson released a new video, it was an event. TV specials were held to promote his latest big budget music video which doubled as a mini-motion picture. One of Michael’s greatest, “Remember The Time” took us to ancient Egypt, where MJ’s magical powers were used to impress the Egyptian Queen. The choreography, the special effect where Michael disappeared into a pile of sand, and the cameos by Eddie Murphy, Iman, and Magic Johnson all left an indelible mark on us.


Juicy J and Katy PerryFlash forward twenty years later, Katy Perry pays tribute to the King Of Pop with her latest video, “Dark Horse”. Incredible costumes, Avatar-like armies, lavish scenery, Katy pole-dancing with rapper Juicy J, and even a fluffy puppy’s cameo create one of the most stylish and exciting videos of 2014. Some will notice Katy Patra slipped in some Illuminati symbols into the final mix that I’m sure will generate even more publicity for Katy’s video. The song is already on the way to #1 and the addition of Juicy J (formerly a member of Three 6 Mafia) capitalizes on another crossover music marketing opportunity.