Katy Perry “Roar” and Rebecca Ferguson


Katy-Perry-Roar-VideoKaty Perry and Lady Gaga have their fans in a tizzy.    Gaga released her new single “Applause” the same time that Katy came back with her new song, “Roar”.   Who’s the early pop superstar winner?   Actually it’s a tie, iTunes has pushed Katy Perry’s single to #1 on the charts but YouTube views for Lady Gaga have dominated Katy’s numbers.   The exotic beautiful video for “Roar” lands Katy in the jungle having to fend off tigers with a spear made from her stiletto heels (not making this up!).   Lady Tarzan gets a bath from an elephant and even helps an alligator with some dental hygiene issues.   Great visuals, uplifting theme, really fun Top 40 hit!


Rebecca-Ferguson-Teach-Me-How-To-Be-LovedRebecca came in second on the seventh season of the X Factor in England.   Following up on her reality TV success, Rebecca has scored five hits in her native country from her debut CD.    She’s definitely a star on the rise and after signing with Columbia Records in the States, it won’t be long before Rebecca is a household name here.   The power ballad, “Teach Me How To Be Loved” is a sultry, soulful glimpse into the intensity of Rebecca’s amazing voice.