Katy Perry’s Halftime Show: Super Bowl XLIX

Katyperry_butters_superbowlLast year 115 million people watched Bruno Mars and the Red Hot Chili Peppers perform at the Super Bowl Halftime Show.    But only 112 million watched the actual game!    It’s the ultimate compliment and the biggest exposure (cue up the Janet Jackson joke) that any artist could ever dream of receiving.  This year Coldplay and Rihanna were high in the running for the show but Katy Perry won the coveted competition.   Next weekend, Katy will rocking the stage in Phoenix, Arizona for Super Bowl XLIX.    What will she sing?   What special gimmicks or guest stars will be joining Ms Perry?   Katy posted on Instagram this week that she consulted with her expert, Butters (her adorable puppy) to finalize her plans for the biggest moment in her meteoric career to date.


64755_KatyPerry_Esquire_UK_August20104_122_496loWhen you think Super Bowl Halftime show you think of Michael Jackson, Paul McCartney, Springsteen, and Prince.   Artists who have a huge back catalog of hits covering decades.   Katy has in just three CD’s amassed an extensive string of #1 hits.   The Super Bowl Halftime Show was originally a “Up With People” inspirational performance.   Look for Katy to include “Roar”, “Fireworks”, and “Part of Me”, a triple play of feel-good motivational anthems that perfectly capture the mood of the evening.   From her latest CD “Prism”, you’d expect to hear “Dark Horse”, hopefully Juicy J accompanies Katy to add his verses. My prediction is that Katy brings out a surprise rapper like 2 Chainz, T.I., Ludacris, or even Nicki Minaj (could you imagine!) to spark the water cooler conversation Monday morning.


XNq3lzSOne special guest star confirmed is Lenny Kravitz.   Speculation is that “American Woman” will be added to the setlist.   We can all picture Katy dressed to the nines in a red, white, and blue skintight dress strutting while Lenny performs.    Snoop Dogg (California Gurls), Kanye West (E.T.), and Flo Rida (Round Round) have all collaborated with Katy in the past but their presence would be a huge surprise.   I’m guessing “Teenage Dream” and “Hot N Cold” show up in a medley and look out for a special cameo by Butters! Of course, “Fireworks” with huge aerial explosions will close out the inspirational set list.