Kelly Clarkson Japanese B-Side : Samantha Fox (DJ Alligator), Rascal Flatts, Kelly Clarkson, ir Charles Jones,

“TOUCH ME NOW”   SAMANTHA FOX (Dance Mix with DJ Alligator)

When I went to Ireland a couple of years ago, I ran across The Star, the tenth largest newspaper in circulation in the world.  European attitudes are so different from us in the States.  Much to my surprise, I turned to “Page 3”, famous for their pin-up girl pictures often topless!  Imagine that in the Wall Street Journal daily!  Samantha Fox first gained her fame for her famous pictures then exploded onto the pop music scene with songs like “Touch Me” and “Naughty Girls Need Love Too”.   Here’s a techno remix with  Gunther and DJ Alligator.


Gary LeVox (great name for a lead singer!) and his band, Rascal Flatts, were signed to the Disney Music Group, Lyric Street Records.   Fittingly, the band has the most wholesome, All-American image, and have huge appeal with the youngest country music fans.   Their concerts are extravaganzas with lasers, special effects, and audience interaction.   “My Wish” has such a feel-good positive message that you can only “wish” that someone would dedicate these words to you one day.


Kelly’s CD “All I Ever Wanted” debuted at #1 on the Billboard Album charts and continued selling copies  spurred on by the big hits, “I Don’t Hook Up” and “My Life Would Suck Without You”.    Three of the better songs didn’t make the final version, the rocker “The Day We Fell Apart”, the acoustic “Don’t Ever Give Up On Me” (one of her all-time best!), and “Can We Go Back”.    The latter song has massive hit appeal, if you missed it, enjoy!