Kem – “Promise To Love” CD REVIEW

Kem It's YouIf you’ve been nominated for a Grammy and your album is sitting at #3 in the nation, it’s hard to call you “underrated”.   But Detroit R&B singer, Kem, is hardly a household name outside of his immediate fan base.   His life story is incredible.   At one time living homeless, away from his family, and battling addiction, Kem released his debut CD in 2003 by financing it with his own credit card while he was waiting tables to earn enough to take a chance on his music career.   Motown signed Kem and he just released his 4th CD, “Promise Of Love”.   After years of moderate success, Kem has reached the big time with his latest work.   If you’re looking for something new to listen to and you’re a fan of classic Motown, romantic soulful music that respects women, and praises the positive moments that make life so great, Kem’s new CD is perfect for you.


Kem Promise To LoveKem is nothing but a gentleman as he  kicks off the CD with “Saving All My Love” (not the Whitney Houston song), a sultry, jazzy song that will mellow you out and bring a smile to your face. The lead single, “It’s You” is so sweet and romantic, the perfect valentine song for the woman of your dreams.    Dressed in all white, Kem stands front in center in the music video with cameos of lovers slow dancing to his slow jam.      Two prominent guest stars add a little excitement to the mix.  “My Favorite Thing” features the ultimate soul singer, Ron Isley, trading verses with Kem.    If you’re a fan of steppin’, “Downtown” with Snoop Dogg will have you heading to the club.     Best track on the CD?  tough call, the title track “Promise To Love”, the emotional “Don’t Say Goodbye” from the Deluxe version, and “Do What You Gotta Do” with a sly guitar solo have been on heavy rotation on my iPod lately. Like too much chocolate, the CD becomes a little too much of the same thing but the last few tracks, but overall it’s a strong effort from Kem.

“MY FAVORITE THING” Kem with Ron Isley



CD GRADE:       8.5 out of 10   (smooth, sexy, and relaxing – a few too many similar sounding songs, but very little filler here.)   Recommended for Old School R&B fans.