KISS Solo Albums: Best Track From Each

KISS solo albumsMonumental year for the original four members of KISS, they were finally (and rightfully!) inducted into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame.    But, of course, it’s not without controversy.   They didn’t perform together and the battle of words between the 2 sides, Gene and Paul versus Ace and Peter, reached epic nasty proportions.   Gene called Ace “a greedy paranoid backstabbing junkie” and described having the two of them in KISS as a “cancer in your system that needs to be cut out as soon as possible.”   Ace fired back “Gene’s a caricature of himself, only motivated by money.”   He claims the current KISS lineup is “half of a KISS cover band”.    The band is on tour this summer with Motley Crue but only Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley will be in the KISS lineup.


KISS inductionBut, for one night, the original four stood together on stage and thanked each other for making rock and roll history.  Tom Morello’s induction speech was incredible!  Let’s look back at one of KISS’ most memorable moments, the simultaneous release of four solo albums in September 1978.    The Starchild, The Demon, The Cat, and The Spaceman all displayed their solo talents with no collaboration on any of the four albums.  Even back then, there was dissension in the band and the solo record idea was designed to ease some of the tension and give everyone a creative outlet without breaking up the band. It was a huge marketing campaign by Casablanca Records.   Five million copies were pressed, assuring they would be certified platinum.    Ultimately, one single, Ace Frehley’s “New York Groove” became a Top 40 hit, but all four albums became collector’s items and essential KISS memorabilia.


ACE FREHLEY     “NEW YORK GROOVE” (although “Rip It Out” rocked harder)



PETER CRISS “TOSSIN’ & TURNIN” (by far, the weakest of the 4 albums)