LEAVE THE MEMORIES ALONE: Fuel, Mary J Blige, Everybody Loves Chris (bonus clip)


blige dramaThe Queen of Hip Hop/Soul had enough in 2001. Abusive relationships, addiction issues that kept rearing their ugly head, and a reawakening of spirit and motivation pushed Mary to record her powerful and emotional fifth album. The title cut sampled “Nadia’s Theme”, the soap opera score for “The Young And The Restless”. The song epitomized the album’s theme of redemption and putting the past behind us forever. Look for a cameo by Mariah Carey on a TV screen in the video.


terry_crews-Veteran actor, Terry Crews, is probably best known for his Old Spice commercials or maybe you remember his famous Super Bowl ad, Office Linebacker. He’s been in movies like The Expendables, White Chicks, and even appearing in Scary Movie 5 releasing this week. Here’s a hysterical music clip from his role on Everybody Love Chris. The ex-NFL player is the perfect combination of a powerful physical presence with great comedic timing and Terry knows how to make fun of himself.


FuelWhich is better:   Remember the good times and try to forget the painful memories?   OR    Acknowledge that history repeats itself and only remembering the good times will leave you with an illusion of false reality?    Brett Scallions, the lead singer of Fuel, has one of those classic rock voices that just hook you in from the first moment of the song.  Unfortunately a broken septum damaged his vocal cords and by the time of their 2007 Angels & Devils CD, the band went with a new singer, Toryn Green.   Fuel never achieved the same level of success with the new singer but there is something magical in this power ballad by the “new” Fuel singer:

So here I am with my thoughts of you
And this world I’ve left for me
Stoic faces when I think of you
And how I once believed
So now you call me, but you know I won’t let you through
I’ve myself to decieve

So leave the memories alone
I don’t want to see
The way it is, as to how it used to be
Leave the memories alone, don’t change a thing
And I’ll hold you here in my memory