Lenny Kravitz Is Back! “The Chamber” & A Day To Remember


lenny kravitz strut“You killed a love that once so strong, with no regret what you did wrong. Should I stay and fight? Can we make this right?” These opening lyrics are surrounded by a classic 70’s funk beat as Lenny Kravitz makes his dramatic return to the airwaves. For the past few years, Lenny’s been most prominent for acting in The Hunger Games, The Butler, and Precious. What a perfect song to reintroduce one of our greatest rockers today. Lenny’s ultimate musical strength is his chameleon-like ability to pay homage to his musical idols, but add his personal new twist to the legends. Crossing multiple musical genres, “The Chamber” reminds me of KISS (I Was Made For Loving You), but you can clearly hear funk, synthesizers, 80’s R&B, even a little disco breakdown. The spoken word chorus, at first catches you by surprise, but then you’re loving the creativity! Lenny’s new CD, Strut, will be released in September on his own label, Roxie Records.


A Day To Remember End Of MeModern day thriller.    Cryptic writing on a bedroom wall.   Matching scars on the father and son’s wrists.    What is the symbolism of the washing on the stairs?    Why is the mom’s face scribbled out?   Is the son and the father actually the same person and this is a metaphor for wasting your life?   The latest video from Florida rockers, A Day To Remember’s new CD, Common Courtesy, is a mini-motion picture that generates a lot of controversy.   Many expected the post-hardcore band to release something more traditional like “Sometimes You’re The Hammer, Sometimes You’re The Nail”.   “End Of Me” has strong emotional lyrics of an undeniable connection between two people.   Do they make each other stronger or drag each other down?   The lyrics will speak differently to everyone, but the impact is intense.