Let The Music Play – EDM Remix – 80s Throwback Jam

We started dancing and love put us into a groove
As soon as we started to move
The music played while our bodies displayed through the dance
Then love picked us out for romance

The Grammy winner for Best Female R&B Performance in 1983 went to Shannon and her club smash, “Let The Music Play”.    At this time, the Disco Era was over and radio had moved on from that style.  But the bassline on Shannon’s song and Madonna’s debut album with hits like “Holiday” and “Burning Up” were not only a throwback to the days of disco, it also kicked off the Freestyle Dance Era that took over in the last 80s.  Shannon is technically described as a “One Hit Wonder” but her follow-up single, “Give Me Tonight” just missed the Top 40 in 1984.


Take a classic 80s song with a killer groove and pump up the beats with a modern electronica style and you’ve got “Let The Music Play” by La Stasia and Konrad Wissman.   I like the switch with hearing a male singer (Konrad) on the updated track.   Dejane La Stasia is a smoking hot German DJ that has been dropping new beats left and right lately.  Check out more of her music at:  www.la-stasia.com  and https://soundcloud.com/lastasia