Lifehouse: Out Of The Wasteland

LIFEHOUSE WastelandHas it really been fifteen years since Lifehouse’s “Hanging By A Moment” came out?   The song become the #1 single for the year in 2001.  Now fifteen years later, Lifehouse is going back to their roots and recapturing their youthful energy for their new CD, Out Of The Wasteland.  The band’s seventh CD has been described as “an amalgamation of all their influences” by lead singer, Jason Wade.    The band has been on hiatus since 2012, taking a break from touring and working on solo projects.  In fact, Jason planned on releasing a solo album during this downtime but two songs he wrote during this period, “Hurricane” and “Flight”, just sounded like they were perfect for the band.    They became the catalyst for getting Lifehouse back together.

“HURRICANE”  Lifehouse

Lifehouse FlightOut Of The Wasteland is scheduled for release on May 26th.  Lifehouse has left their label and will be promoting the CD independently.   The band went into the recording process with this over-riding principle, “Does the song give me chills?  Is it a good lyric?”     Besides the lead single, Hurricane, which sounds like a vintage early 2000’s track, Jason hinted at some of the songs on the album.  Legendary movie score promoter James Newton Howard worked with the band on a harmony-driven song called “Hourglass”.   Borrowing from their last CD, Almeria, “Hurt That Way” promises to be emotional and heartfelt.   Jason went back to 2001 for an unreleased track called “Wish” and a 2007 for “Central Park”.

“FLIGHT” Lifehouse