Lifetime Movies Takes On Toni Braxton

lt-toni-braxton-story-Lex-Scott-DavisWhen you hear the Lifetime Network is going to do a movie on a celebrity’s life, you have to cringe a little.   Remember the Brittany Murphy film?  The Beverly Hills 90210 fiasco?   What about last year’s Whitney?   God forbid, it’s anything as bad as the Aaliyah story!   So with trepidation, Lifetime debuted “Unbreak My Heart”,  the Toni Braxton bio-flick last weekend.     The film was executive produced by none other than Kenneth “Babyface” Edmonds, the co-founder of LaFace Records that gave Toni her big break in the early 90’s.    Newcomer, Lex Scott Davis, absolutely shines in her breakthrough role embodying Toni Braxton’s roller-coaster life story. Toni’s charm, the multiple hairstyles, her distinctive stage mannerisms, and her seductive glances are all captured by Ms Davis.

Lex Scott Davis Toni BraxtonThis is the Lifetime Network so expect the schmaltz factor to be high, but the film accurately displays Toni’s rise from a small town country girl in a deeply Pentecostal family singing “The Lord’s Prayer” with her sisters in the church choir to an international music superstar who’s sold 67 million records worldwide.    She got her big break singing a demo for Anita Baker that became her own debut single, “Love Shoulda Brought You Home” and the film shares all of her career milestones including 7 Grammy Awards and a headlining run at Las Vegas.   Of course, Lifetime loves to amplify the melodrama and the film captured Toni’s bankruptcy twice!, her battle with lupus, divorce, and her son’s autism.   But you leave the two hour film impressed with Braxton’s fight to overcome all obstacles.  THAT VOICE is so unique, the genuine pain in Toni’s delivery, those deep chords, and her sexy style remind us of what an incredible talent Toni possesses. Spoiler alert: look out for a very special cameo at the end.


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