Linkin Park Live From Berlin: Movie Premiere, and a Riot Grrl Classic: New Linkin Park, The Scorpions, Silverstein, L7


Tonight I’m heading to the worldwide premiere of Linkin Park’s concert movie set in Berlin, Germany.   The film is a one night only special showing of the event with an introduction from the band!  It’s a promotion for their brilliant new CD, Living Things releasing on Tuesday. 

Today I’m featuring Track 1:  Lost In the Echo, which is everything we love about the band PLUS MORE!  Mike’s rap interchanged with Chester’s brutal rock screams gets a hardcore dubstep beat added to the mix.  Great to see Linkin Park continuing to add new elements!



The Scorpions do the unthinkable, they take possibly the most dreadful, saddest rock anthem ever written and turn it into an uplifting acoustic jam session, complete with Brazilian beats.  Originally recorded by Kansas, “Nothing last forever but the earth and sky, it slips by and all your money won’t another minute buy, dust in the wind”.   Not very inspiring lyrics but when Klaus and the Scorpions play the song acoustically with an orchestra in Brazil, they pump life into the tired jam.  A cello takes the place of the violin on the original track and adds a new dimension which makes the song sound more hopeful and inspiring.   A great cover reinvents a song, The Scorpions accomplish that feat here!


Silverstein is quite the dichotomy, half their songs are emo, half their songs are post-hardcore/scream-o.   In 2012, these released a CD called Short Songs where all 12 songs were under 90 seconds each!  “I Knew I Couldn’t Trust You” is highly intense.  It’s actually a converstation between two “friends”, one who has severely let the other down time and again.   No pain is worse than that coming from the ones we love the most.  Loss of trust is the kiss of death of any relationship and Silverstein’s song captures that pain so well.


L7 is a well-known riot grrrl group, only problem is most people don’t know that music genre 🙂    They were kind of a feminist punk rock theme, L7, Bikini Kill, even Joan Jett at times, contributed to the genre.  L7 tears up a punk cover of the Blondie hit, “Hanging On The Telephone” but I couldn’t find it on YouTube.    L7 aren’t around anymore but made a splash back in the day with the things they threw around on stage (google them!)