Linkin Park’s Hidden Video Game Song and Metallica’s 3-D Film


linkin-park-steve-aoki-a-light-that-never-comes-2A new Linkin Park CD, “Recharged” is on its way.  Unfortunately, it’s only a remix package of their latest CD, Living Things.   Linkin Park’s fascination with technology, studio tricks, and sampling is in full effect on this new track recorded with DJ Steve Aoki.    “A Light That Never Comes” was originally a hidden song on their Facebook game, LP Recharge.   Fans worked together to unlock the new track and it debuted on KROQ this week.  The song has a definite EDM feel but you can still recognize Chester and Mike’s influence.   Unfortunately a new Linkin Park tour is not in the works as Chester is currently fronting Stone Temple Pilots and they’ll be touring this winter.



Metallica-Through-the-Never-1Debuting this week is the 3-D Metallica movie extravaganza, “Through The Never”.   The film combines a totally up close concert experience intertwined with an actual movie about one of their roadies and a wild mission to help the band.    One look at the stage and you’ll be blown away by the Tesla coils, pyro, giant TV screens, and the incredible 3-D footage of the band.   The slow motion movie footage of the car crash included in this 2013 version of Master Of Puppets is breathtaking in how detailed and intense the footage is.   Early reviews are very positive.   But get out and see the movie quick, it’s only showing at limited theaters for a short time period.