Lita Ford – Living Like A Runaway Review

In 2009, Lita released her comeback CD, Wicked Wonderland. It actually landed on many Top 10 WORST CD lists for the year.  The biggest problem was that Lita lost everything that we loved about her in the 80’s.   Her new music added synthesizers, weak lyrics, studio gimmicks, and simply songs that didn’t have any kind of a hook.   “Wicked Wonderland” was heavily dominated by her husband of the time, Jim Gillette of the band Nitro.  Getting divorced from Gillette not only changed Lita’s mindset, it heavily influenced her career with a much improved comeback effort with her next album, Living Like A Runaway

Released alongside a companion autobiography with the same tongue-in-cheek title (remember the Runaways!), Lita’s style moved closer to a return to her 80’s Stiletto CD days.   The brave lyrics shared Lita’s feelings about her ex-husband (“Branded“) and the nostalgic title track made the longtime fans reminisce. The album’s penultimate moment was a slow churning acoustic ballad dedicated to her estranged kids called Mother that is an essential addition to your ultimate Lita Ford playlist. 
“ASYLUM” – Lita Ford

“Living Like A Runaway” is a strong album, but it did have some filler and lesser cuts including Nikki Sixx’s “A Song  To Slit Your Wrists By” that simply felt uninspired.   But let’s focus on the positive!  Three other standout tracks of note are “Asylum” which opens with a killer guitar solo and Lita’s bad ass attitude comes out in full glory on the hard rocking tune.   It  will definitely play well in arenas.  The deluxe version of the album features her cover of the Elton John classic, “The Bitch Is Back”.  Like Tina Turner who added it to her live set list, Lita’s version has become a concert staple of its own.   “Devil In My Head” has that vintage 80s Hair Metal retro feel and when you’re freaking Lita Ford that’s a compliment twenty years after the fact!         GRADE =   B


“THE BITCH IS BACK” (Bonus Track)


Bonus song, “Shot Of Poison” from 1991’s Dangerous Curves, is Lita at her apex.   Watching a video like “Shot Of Poison” shows the dilemma for Lita.  She was a hard rocker, but also arguably, the sexiest woman in hard rock, which might have hurt her credibility in the all boys club of Heavy Metal.   In the rock world, she was seen as a rock n roll vixen when her talent rivaled so many of her male peers.  Perfect example:  “Shot Of Poison”, a great rock single, but you lose focus of the song watching this smoking hot video. Lita’s dancing on the bed, seductively crawling on the floor like a cat, stroking the guitar, it’s easy to get lost on the visuals and forget it’s a great song.  


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  2. I could have sworn I left a comment on this blog. Maybe I didn’t hit publish button… Yeah I can see myself doing that! Lol Lita Ford looks hotter than ever! I enjoyed Asylum but that’s about it. Now The Depeche Mode song Shine was amazing! Be still my heart! I’ve always loved INXS! And the video is great! My friend Brandi and I had gotten tickets to go see them. A month later we heard about his death. Talk about a downer. :/