Little Big Town Cover Fleetwood Mac Plus new India.Arie


little big townWith Lady Antebellum, Thompson Square, and Little Big Town leading the way, country bands featuring male and female lead singers have taken over the charts. At last week’s CMT Awards, Little Big Town shake off the dust on a classic Fleetwood Mac track from Rumours. There was nothing country about the cover as the band cranked up the amps and rocked the award show crowd with an intense, passionate version that would have made Stevie and Lindsey proud.



sick puppiesThe past may have deeply affected our lives and the choices we’ve ultimately made but the future doesn’t look back. It’s time to move forward and use our history to make the most of what lies ahead for all of us. The new song by the Sick Puppies has been described by the band as the perfect combination of a feel-good high energy song with the tenderness of a ballad. Their new CD, Connect, will be released on July 16th.


india-arie-cocoaWelcome back India.Arie! The sweet, calming, mellow tone is the perfect accompaniment to India’s soulful vocals. The soothing and healing power of love is likened to rubbing “cocoa butter on my heart”. The soft lighting, the sheer canopy on the bed, and the softness of the video is only distracted by the product placement of Palmer’s Cocoa Butter midway through the clip. Her upcoming CD, SongVersation, is scheduled for a June 25th release date.

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