Looking Back, June 13th Songs That Trigger Memories, Where Were You?: Jay-Z and Mr Hudson, Gym Class Heroes, Dirty Vegas, George Michael

Music triggers so many memories.   During his recent concert, Kenny Chesney said, “Music might be the most powerful thing we have in our life.   Just hearing a song can remind us so deeply of those moments that changed our lives”.    Here’s a list of Top 10 singles and memories through the years.


Top 5 single in June 2010 (2 years ago).    Just about a month before I heard this song, a friend named Tunde told me about a favorite song from the 80’s called “Forever Young” by Alphaville.   Of course, I knew Bob Dylan and Rod Stewart’s similarly titled song but never heard of this 80’s dance track.   No sooner do I hear the original then I hear one of my favorite MC’s, Jay-Z, reinvent it! Jay did more than sample the song, he got Mr Hudson to lay down the track with him.   It’s a perfect blend of modern hip hop, modern alternative pop, and the kind of feel-good message that I love!   Our bodies may get older but our spirit should always stay “forever young”, I know that is my goal.

“CUPID’S CHOKEHOLD”    GYM CLASS HEROES and Patrick Stump of Fall Out Boy
Top 3 single 5 years ago today!    Do you remember what was happening in your life then?   This song was a favorite of my girlfriend at the time, she loved the beat, the cute lyrics about cooking pancakes for her guy, and who can resist the chorus of “take a look at my girlfriend, she’s the only one I’ve got”.    This ex-girlfriend has since married, had a son, and life is going great!   People cross each other’s lives for a reason and it’s incredible when you can sincerely be so happy for someone seeing their lives reach the potential they deserve.    Trivia:  who is being sampled on this song?    70’s English rockers, Supertramp and their hit, Breakfast In America.


Ten Years Ago Today, Dirty Vegas hit the charts with this electronic dance smash.   Electronica, drum machines, and techno used to be so ultra-repetitive and cold, impersonal, and lifeless that I described it as “headache music”.   Thankfully, this style has improved through the last decade.   One of my first favorites was this song I first saw in a commercial.  It became a summer jam that year, I remember playing it on the way to Busch Gardens, heading to Redington Shores Beach, playing basketball in Largo, a road trip to Orlando, feel-good favorite!   I bought my first house that fall, ten years ago, and it will be paid off in February!!


25 YEARS AGO this week this was in the top 10.    My memory of this song is actually 24 years ago.   Two of my best friends in Wisconsin were going on a road trip to Florida and invited me along.  This was my dream destination!    When we finally reached the Sunshine State, we headed to Clearwater Beach.   Traffic jam over the Memorial Causeway Bridge and the car ahead of us was filled with 4 of the hottest girls we ever saw (they don’t make them like that in Wisconsin, or so we thought at the time).   They had their trunk open, giant house speakers in the back, and they BLASTED this George Michael CD.   The cars was bouncing from the bass!    Needless to say, two months later I left the arctic tundra of Wisconsin and moved to Florida.