Lost Prince Original Uncovered – “Dance Electric”


Prince has a vault of hundreds (thousands?) of unreleased songs that will hopefully see the light of day after his tragic death earlier this year. One of his tracks recording the “1999” sessions, “Moonbeam Levels” premiered as the ONLY new track on the double CD greatest hits collection “Prince 4 Ever”.   It’s definitely not one of Prince’s essential tracks and I can’t recommend buying the double CD package for one new song.  But another long-time Prince treasure to recently surface is Prince’s original extended version of “Dance Electric”. The song was written by Prince but recorded by his friend, rival, and ex-bandmate, Andre’ Cymone in 1981. It can almost be considered a going-away present to Andre after Prince and Cymone had a falling out in 1981. They grew up together and were both members of Prince’s first band, Grand Central and Andre went to tour with Prince in the late 70’s.   Andre’s version of “Dance Electric” clocks in at just under 7 minutes but Prince’s original is four minutes longer.  The song’s been found on bootlegs over the years and it’s definitely one of the funkiest Prince tracks from the early stages of his career, think “I Wanna Be Your Lover” mixed with “Erotic City”.

Good morning children
Take a look out your window
Our world is falling
It’s almost time 2 go
Dance the Dance Electric
The rhythm is love and love is blind
Love your enemies
There isn’t much time, there isn’t much time
Look – our world is falling
A rhythm-less house of blinded prophecy
Hear our Master calling
This isn’t what He wanted us 2 be
We got 2 dance the Dance Electric
Listen 2 the rhythm of your soul
Come on and dance the Dance Electric