Lost 80’s Rock Power Ballads: White Lion, Trixter, Quiet Riot,


“You use words as weapons, I use love as a shield”.  Wow, what a great memory, Trixter’s “Surrender” has everything you’d want in a power ballad. Big hair, loud guitars, a giant build up to the grand crescendo “love on the line” chorus, “Though my aim is true, I sometimes miss the mark, with matters of the heart, but I’d GIVE MY LIFE TONIGHT to hold you in my arms AGAIN!” Trixter was based out of New Jersey and made a little noise in the late 80’s but their Jersey mates, Bon Jovi, didn’t leave a lot of room on the charts for another local hair band to share their thunder.



Kevin DuBrow and Randy Rhoads were the founding members of Quiet Riot. Drummer Frankie Banali and guitarist Rudy Sarzo joined them shortly afterward. Think about that for a moment: Kevin’s voice is synonymous with 80’s glam metal, Randy Rhoads is arguably the greatest metal guitarist of the decade, Banali and Sarzo are hard rock legends. Quiet Riot traded headline gigs with Van Halen in the 70’s. You would think Quiet Riot would have become one of the monster bands of the 80’s with this all-star roster. Sadly, poor material, band members jumping to other groups, left them with as a “flash in the pan”. Here’s an incredible lost power ballad from their multi-platinum “Metal Health” album.



Mike Tramp, lead singer of White Lion, is so vastly underrated as a vocalist. Another 80’s rock band that had popularity but never reached iconic status, White Lion consistently put out quality albums and flirted with Top 40 success while maintaining a hard rock fan base. Their album “Mane Attraction” is one of the best rock albums of the genre. Brilliant guitar work, unforgettable lyrics, and two of the best lost power ballads of 1991. “Till Death Do Us Apart” – the timeless wedding anthem and “You’re All I Need”, the eternal love song that showcases Mike’s ability to mix passionate singing with sensitivity.