LOST ROCK TREASURES: Tom Petty, Eddie Money, Red Hot Chili Peppers


Tom-Petty-Damn-the-TorpedoesCasadega is a little unincorporated town in Eastern Florida in Volusia County. The one street light town has been described as the “Psychic Capital of the World” for the high ratio of spirit mediums in the area. Florida boy, Tom Petty wrote a song about the psychic community and included it as a B-Side to his early hit, Don’t Do Me Like That. Tom titled the song with a space between Casa and Dega. He included it as a bonus track on the Heartbreakers boxset, Playback.  The song reminds me of Breakdown, my all-time favorite Petty song.

eddie-money-no-controlEddie Money’s 80’s CD, No Control, is my favorite album by the NYC rocker. The hits were there (Shakin’, Think I’m In Love) but it was the deeper album cuts that truly made an artistic statement for the former Bronx police officer. If you’re a fan of the Moneymaker, check out this recently cleaned up promo clip for Take A Little Bit, it’s vintage Eddie and a true lost treasure video.




Phoenix Suns v Los Angeles Lakers, Game 5If you were watching basketball in the 80’s, you couldn’t miss the celebrity who’s who sitting courtside at the Los Angeles Lakers games. You had amongst many others: Dyan Cannon, Jack Nicholson, and the guys from the Red Hot Chili Peppers dressed in L.A. Lakers jersey. Anthony and Flea wrote a tribute to the greatest Laker of all-time, point guard Magic Johnson. The song is a funk-fest with heavy bass and great lyrics like rhyming A.C. Green with breaking your TV screen. The song appears on the Mother’s Milk CD that first broke the RHCP into the big time.

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