Lost In The Shuffle: Evans Blue’s Hard Luck Career

Evans-Blue-warriorBand A gets huge support from their record label, the best songwriters and studio personnel.   Their management team gets them to appear as a opening act for a major tour.   Their debut video gets picked up by TV stations like MTV and Fuse.    Before you know it, they’re a multi-platinum arena band like Nickelback.    Band B might be just as incredible but without that extra promotion, they can quickly become lost in the shuffle.    The backlash against Nickelback’s huge popularity became a heavy anchor to carry for any Nu-Metal band coming out of Canada after them.  Toronto rockers, Evans Blue, remain one of the most underrated bands of the late 2000’s. Who knows they may even change your opinion of Canuck metal music?



evansblue2For the first few years of Evans Blue’s career, they were Canada’s “next big thing”.  Their debut single “Cold” went to #1, “Erase My Scars” became an essential Modern Rock favorite, and Evans Blue were nominated for Best New Band at the Juno Awards.   But when lead singer, Kevin Matisyn, quit the band in 2008, their label put Evans Blue on the back burner.   In 2009, Dan Chandler took over as lead vocalist and their self-titled CD is a totally underrated CD worth checking out.  The emotional power ballads “Step Back” and “Who We Are” will remind you of their labelmates, Breaking Benjamin.    But once again, great songs don’t translate into huge success unless people actually hear your music.   Evans Blue officially broke up in 2013 when Dan Chandler jumped over Fight of Flight, a new band with ex-Disturbed band members.

“STEP BACK”   Evans Blue

“WHO WE ARE” Evans Blue