Lost Treasure CD: Tesla “Forever More” (2008)

tesla2008Glam metal hair bands from the 80’s haven’t had a great track record of longevity.   Everyone’s hyped about the possible Guns N Roses reunion at Coachella this year but if you’re heard Axl Roses’ voice over the past decade, it won’t be that amazing return to their glory days.    One of the more underrated 80’s metal bands was Tesla, California rockers best known for “Love Song”, “What You Give”, and a brilliant acoustic cover of the 70’s protest song, “Signs.”    The band never went away entirely and released cover albums (Reel To Reel) and acoustic albums since their late 80’s/early 90’s heyday.   But Tesla released one of their strongest albums, “Forever More” in 2008 that never received the publicity it deserved. It was released on their own private label and probably could have been marketed to reach a much wider audience.


Tesla-Forever_More-Back“Forever More” recaptured everything that made Tesla a dominant force in the 80’s metal scene but added a modern sound to their style.   Jeff Keith’s vocals were exactly the same and shined on two of the best tracks “The First Time” and “Just In Case”.  Both songs were never released as singles but remain on all-time Tesla Greatest Hits collection. The obligatory power ballad “Fallin’ Apart” is an essential breakup song reminiscent of bands like their peers, Great White and White Lion.   The upbeat lead single, “I Wanna Live” cracked onto the Modern Rock charts but never became that breakout hit to launch the album.   Two of the founding members, guitarist Frank Hannon and bassist, Brian Wheat, were still with Tesla when they recorded “Forever More”.   In case you’re curious about the romantic skeletons on the CD cover, it’s from an Italian archaeology dig called ““Lovers of Valdaro”.