love_bitesThe Def Leppard song, Love Bites, is actually the U.K. band’s all-time only #1 hit on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.    The original title was “I Want To Be Your Hero” (see their Retroactive CD for the version), but Def Leppard found magic in those rewritten lyrics, “When you’ve got love in your sights, watch out!  Love Bites”.   The song is the perfect set-up for a techno/trance remix.   QED featuring Kistine Hendricks and Valentin steal a page from DJ Sammy who earlier reinterpreted Bryan Adams “Heaven” and turn the Def Leppard into a club smash almost twenty years later.


Love Bites SucksWhen you hear “Love Bites”, your first instinct is Def Leppard’s #1 power ballad from their multi-platinum Hysteria CD.   But their song actually borrowed their title from a Judas Priest song released just a couple years BEFORE Hysteria.  On their 1984, Defenders Of The Faith album, Rob Halford sang about the dangers of love gone wrong.  The Defenders LP wasn’t one of Judas Priest’s top selling albums but did get a lot of notoriety for the track, “Eat Me Alive”.  Tipper Gore and the PMRC got the song listed among the “Filthy Fifteen” songs, the most notorious and objectionable songs of the 80’s.