Girls Rock! 3 New Female Fronted Rock Bands

halestormAfter a long drought, female rockers are coming back strong.   Halestorm, The Pretty Reckless, Paramore, Evanescence, Within Temptation, and Flyleaf are consistently selling out arenas.   If you’re a fan of Lzzy Hale and her band, Halestorm, who are some up and coming bands following in her footsteps?    It sounds like a recipe, but each of these four bands are 1 Part Halestorm and 1 Part another classic female led-band, see if you agree with my comparisions.




“LIFE VEST”   The Material

the letter blackTrack 1 off their latest CD, “Everything I Want To Say” is anything but subtle.  “Life Vest” opens with soft vocals by lead singer, Colleen D’Agostino, “They say that bad things come in waves of three”, but it’s just a ruse to suck you in.    With one primal scream and a metal guitar riff, the song explodes into a full-blown rock anthem.   Big props to the video director for the scenes of the drummer pounding away as the pouring rain drenches the band.   Colleen’s vocals do remind me of Paramore’s Hayley Williams on many of The Material’s other songs including “Before This Ship Goes Down” and “Let You Down”.  But on this track, Colleen demonstrated a more dynamic voice which actually reminds me me of  Pat Benatar.    Colleen and her husband also perform as a duo on a side project called With Beating Hearts. *Thank you Stephanie P. for introducing me to The Material!

“THE ONLY ONE”  The Letter Black

the materialFormerly known as Breaking Silence, The Letter Black is a Christian rock band led by lead singer, Sarah Anthony.   Hearing that description you’re instantly reminded of similar bands like Firelight and Flyleaf.    With only 3 studio albums, The Letter Black is still on their way to the top.  They received huge exposure as the opening act for big bands like Skillet, Thousand Foot Krutch, and RED.   Sarah also shared vocals with Pillar in 2008 on their intense rocker “I Fade Away”.   I notice a strong similarity to Amy Lee of Evanescence on Sarah’s vocals especially in the softer moments.   That’s a huge compliment given Amy’s incredible vocal register.

“THE PRETENDER”  Cherri Bomb

cherri bombQuite the combination here!   Imagine if a crossbreed of Halestorm and Joan Jett’s The Runaways were merged together to sing a Foo Fighters song.   That’s what you’re about to experience with “The Pretender” by Cherri Bomb.   The all-female California band is made up of four teenagers so you imagine they’re simply a Runaways-tribute band, but they’re much more than that.  Their last CD made it to #24 on Billboard’s Top Hard Rock Albums.   Cherri Bomb is in a transition period after lead singer/guitarist, Julia Pierce, left the band over creative differences.  They’re moving on with the other girls stepping up on vocals now.  Casey Moretta, a male guitarist has been added to the lineup as Julia’s replacement.