Waves: Inspirational Beats (Mr Probz & SoundLift)

“LENDA” SoundLift

lion and cubIf you’ve never watched the BBC Documentary, “Planet Earth”, consider your life incomplete. In fact, the whole reason to buy a HD TV and a Blu-Ray player is for watching programs like this to make your TV come to life. Each episode took a region of the world like the Tropical Rainforest in Brazil or the Arctic Tundra and by using the latest time-lapse photography, the highest resolution cameras available, and a lot of patience, the documentary brought us never before seen footage of nature at its best. Polar bear cubs taking their first steps, herds of caribou running in the wild, slow-motion footage of humpback whales with their young, the roaring waves crashing off the ocean, even the majesty of a piranha feeding frenzy were all highlights of the BBC Blu-Ray DVD’s. Take six minutes and listen to a glorious trance track called “Lenda (Holy Land)” that will remind us all that we are part of the “circle of life” and need to respect the amazing planet we share with all living creatures.

“WAVES (Robin Schulz Remix)” MR. PROBZ

Amazing waves“I’m slowing drifting away, wave after wave”…..if this song doesn’t calm you and take your troubles away, then play it again! The soothing groove and the soft twinkle of keyboards mesh beautifully with the beach vibe here. Vocals are by Mr. Probz, a new Dutch rapper who originally wanted to release this song just as a teaser track for his debut CD. But everyone who’s heard “Waves”, just had to download it immediately. The exotic video was shot in Tulum, Mexico and features Maryna Linchuk, a model from Belarus. Just my advice, watch the first minute of the video, but then close your eyes and get enveloped by the music. The love story in the video only distracts from the uplifting melody of the house music track.