Madonna + The Illuminati + Snapchat?

Madonna Living For LoveMadonna’s built a career on an ever-changing image, taking huge risks, and pushing the boundaries of modern pop music.    Her latest CD, “Rebel Heart” finally has solidified a final set list and her first single “Living For Love” was debuted on the 2015 Grammy Awards.   If you saw her outrageous live performance Sunday night, the music video keeps the theme going.   Madonna set a new standard by first releasing the video on Snapchat this weekend.   The social media site is best known for quick glimpses at sexual pics and a desperate pleas for “Likes”.    Is this a desperate move by Madonna to reach a younger audience or she being creative and innovative embracing a new media outlet?    Well, the 56 year old singer did bare her ass on the Grammy red carpet this weekend so I think we can guess Madonna’s logic here. Is the song any good? Is the video worth the attention? Surprisingly, yes on both accounts.


Madonna-Living-Love-Music-VideoCritics are already up in arms over the Illuminati imagery and the perceived Satanic horns on the men dressed as minataurs in the music video.   But despite the controversial theme and the heavy use of Auto-Tune during parts of the song, Madonna does look great in her matador outfit and she’s even showing off some acrobatic dancing moves.  You get a sense of nostalgia as Madge borrows her matador idea from “Take A Bow” and a little Latin influence from her “La Isla Bonita” days.  The video ends with a fitting quote from the philosopher Nietzsche  “Man is the cruelest animal”, as everyone’s going to be armed and ready with their opinion of Madonna’s latest career move.