Make Or Break: VH1’s Linda Perry Project Review

Make Or Break VH1 Linda Perry ProjectVH1’s new reality show, “Make Or Break: The Linda Perry Project” debuted last night. After scoring a major 90’s hit, “What’s Up” with her alt-rock band, 4 Non Blondes, Linda became one of the finest songwriters and producers of the past 15 years. Christina Aguilera, P!nk, Gwen Stefani, Alicia Keys, Steven Tyler, The Dixie Chicks, Courtney Love…Linda Perry has been a force and at the heart of music today. Why do a reality show? The opening minute of the show puts it all on the line when Linda said, “I’ve got a lot to lose here, my reputation, my credibility, and I honesty don’t want to lose any of it. I’m doing this because I truly feel the music industry has missing passion and emotion, I have a talent for pushing out those emotions.” Watch this clip as Linda shares her disgust at the product pushing music reality shows on TV today.


Hunter Valentine Linda Perry ProjectThis show is not in competition with American Idol or The Voice where brand new artists especially chosen for TV are highlighted each week. Linda listened to countless demos and handpicked some veteran artists who have seen their career stalled out.  They’re living at L.A.’s famous Paramour Mansion and recording at Perry’s Kung Fu Gardens Studio.  Linda is hoping to mentor, inspire, and evoke the passion inside of them. Everyone here has the raw talent, but something is holding them back. One notable group on the first episode, Hunter Valentine (pictured here), has been struggling for a decade. Linda’s been-there done-that with her career. She’s the perfect ally to offer strong guidance as they discuss breaking up the band.

PINK with LINDA PERRY “What’s Up”

Linda PerryThe goal of the series is for Linda to sign at least one artist to her label. Judging from the first episode, this is a welcome radical change to music reality competitions. There was no elimination, no forced karaoke moments, no Hollywood glamor, but thankfully Linda did not hold back any sharp opinions or heartfelt praise either.   Linda Perry is known for her honesty, swagger, and no-holds barred approach, yet her vulnerability and sincere interest in these artists is undeniable.   The first episode did move slower than expected but true music fans will truly appreciate going behind the scenes, witnessing the entire songwriting and recording process. Look for Make Or Break: The Linda Perry Project on Wednesdays, 10PM EST.


“BEAUTIFUL” Christina Aguilera