Your Man Treating You Bad? Trina’s Love Advice

Trina Lil Wayne“I Wish I Never Met You”, “Single Again”, “So Many Memories”, “All Alone”, Miami’s preeminent female rapper, Trina, aka Da Baddest B*tch,  is never shy about her opinions about men and dating.  Her high profile relationships with Lil’ Wayne and NBA baller, Kenyon Martin, inspired some classic rap dating advice.     Trina and Wayne almost married and got their names tattooed on each other, but scorn a woman like Trina and you’re going to hear a fiery comeback.   “I Wish I Never Met You” contains the formidable line after finding a condom in his dresser – “I shoulda listened to mama, she said you wasn’t nothing special.  So now it’s to the left, to the left.” (Nod to Beyonce’)


my chick bad remix ludacris eve trinaHer 2007 hit, “Single Again”, announced that Trina was moving forward.   The exuberant track proclaimed there’s no looking back, she’s back on the prowl.  But an odd surprise on the remix version, none other than Lil Wayne raps on the track, hinting they’ll get back together one day.  What happens after the break-up? Trina’s gonna make her man remember what a good thing he’s lost.  In 2011, Trina joins Eve and Diamond as guest rappers on Ludacris’ single, “My Chick Bad (Remix)”.    This time around Trina is not only single, she’s back and badder than ever.  The unforgettable line, “My chick do stuff dat your chick wish she could!”  The original version of the Ludacris song featured Nikki Minaj and went to #10 on the charts, but Trina and Eve’s remix packs more punch with 3 sexy females on the track.

“I WISH I NEVER MET YOU”  Trina with Shonie


“MY CHICK BAD (REMIX” Ludacris with Eve, Diamond, Trina