Mariah Carey – “Almost Home” for Oz the Great and Powerful, new Alicia Keys, Gaslight Anthem


mariah-oz2012 hasn’t been Mariah’s best year.   Her comeback single, Triumphant, produced disappointing sales.    Mariah’s stint as an American Idol judge has been more memorable for her cat fights with Nicki Minaj than for Mariah’s musical insight.   But watch out, 2013 could be Mariah’s year.   The soundtrack for the  highly anticipated summer blockbuster,  Oz The Great And Powerful, starring James Franco, Michelle Williams, and Mila Kunis has just leaked to the internet.   The lead single is an uplifting soulful gem perfectly suited for Mariah.


Tears Always Win 2Alicia Keys has been promoting her “Girl On Fire” single on award shows, commercials, and heavy radio rotation.    An introspective piano ballad, Brand New Me has been reminding listeners of Alicia’s debut CD.   But it’s time for another R&B radio friendly hit from Alicia.   My early pick for the next single is “Tears Always Win“, a 70’s retro jam that tosses in a little Bruno Mars style to the mix.


gaslight anthem handwrittenI’m in love with this song! New Jersey’s best bar band at the moment is the Gaslight Anthem. Their 4th CD, Handwritten, was released this past summer. The singles Here Comes Your Man and 45 haven’t made much of a splash. Mulholland Drive would be a perfect song to spice up a Spring Break playlist. Rock guitars with a hint of punk attitude wrapped around a Springsteen-like epic storytelling fable, the song’s energy is highly contagious and my pick hit.