Mariah Carey’s Most Underrated Singles

Mariah I Stay In Love



Most Top 10 Singles in a career:

1.   Madonna   38

2.  Elvis Presley 36

3.  The Beatles 34

4.  Michael Jackson 30

5.  Mariah Carey 29

6.  Stevie Wonder 28

7-8 Elton John/Janet Jackson     27

9.   Rihanna   25

10. Whitney Houston 23

Tie Rolling Stones    23

We would expect Mariah and Rihanna to up their totals in the upcoming years.   Madonna is about to release a new CD so her hold on #1 should go up.    Let’s hope that Elton John, Janet Jackson, and even Stevie Wonder provide us another huge hit before hanging it up.

But today we’re focusing on three of Mariah’s best songs that never made the Top 10.  In fact, two of these songs were never even released in the U.S. as a single.

#1   “THE ROOF”  from 1997’s CD, Honey.      Released as a single in Europe but due to conflicts with her label, Columbia, “The Roof” was simply an album track in the States.   Sampling Mobb Deep’s “The Shook Ones”, you’ve got one of Mariah’s steamiest hip hop songs with a seductive groove and a sexy story about a rooftop encounter.

#2   “I STAY IN LOVE”  from 2008’s E=MC-squared       Her 4th single from the album was the only single to fail to reach the Top 10.   The emotional ballad highlights Mariah’s tenderness,  yet still allowed her to show off her unbelievable octave range.

#3   “PRISONER”   from her 1991 debut CD.      Mariah’s debut CD had 5 Top 10 hits, in fact, all 5 went straight to #1.    Her 2nd album, Emotions, was ready to be released with more hits on the way.   Her label didn’t have time to release “Prisoner” as a single but it’s one of the standout tracks on an unbelievable debut CD.   It also marked the first time Mariah raps on a record.