Mashup Spotlight – DJ Earworm “Mama” And Robin Skouteris L.O.V.E.


MamaDJ Earworm is best known for his United State Of Pop mashup each December that string together the top 20 jams of the year. His success carried over into the 2012 Summer Olympics when he asked to create two special mixes: Faster/Stronger and The Victory Mix highlighted at the London Games. The San Francisco DJ pays tribute to the great moms of this world with the simple title “Mama“. The songs featured in this sentimental mashup are:

EJ – Mama I’m Gonna Sing
2Pac – Mama
Notorious B.I.G. – Juicy
Mtume – Juicy Fruit
Musical Youth – Pass the Dutchie
Prince – 1999
Donna Summer – Love to Love you Baby


pop love skouterisWatch out DJ’s, a new mashup maestro is taking over the scene. Robin Skouteris is a Greek DJ and producer who I believe we’ll be hearing a lot of great new tunes from in the next few months. L.O.V.E. combines Michael Jackson, Kelly Clarkson, Beyonce, Akon, Backstreet Boys, clips from Moulin Rouge, Oasis, and so many more great artists into one four minute moment of pure happiness and joy. Robin’s sequencing keeps uplifting your spirit while maintaining a consistent flow with Michael Jackson’s posthumous hit, “Hold My Hand”, dominating the chorus.