John Mayer Covers Springsteen and new Matchbox 20


Rob Thomas and the boys are ready to release their long awaited new CD, North.   It’s been 10 years since they’ve released a full CD of new material.   “Mean” is everything we love about the band, an upbeat theme and a powerful chorus that feels like you can sing along with it the first time you hear it.  Rob describes the song as “that girl that keeps doing you wrong, but you keep coming back”.

“BURY ME”      12 STONES
Most people best know 12 Stones for their lead vocalist, Paul McCoy, and his vocals on Evanescence’s breakthrough hit, Bring Me To Life.  They’ve actually been around since 2000 and after much delay just released their fourth CD, Beneath The Stars on May 29nd. “Bury Me” is my favorite track so far.  The post-grunge lead single “Infected” rocks harder but feels “typical”, I like the big chorus and the  violins near the end of “Bury Me”.


By special request, Toto’s 1986 #1 adult contemporary ballad that was most noteworthy for including Michael McDonald on the recording.   “As soon as forever is over, I’ll be over you” – great line!    Toto’s biggest chart hit was “Africa”.  I saw on Jimmy Kimmel’s show that Dax Sheppard and Kristen Bell went on a safari to Africa and lipsync’d their own homemade video to the song while in Kenya.   They crack me up and I can’t wait to see that online!


On his Battle Studies CD, the I-Tunes version had a bonus track of John Mayer covering the Bruce Springsteen late night driving song, “I’m On Fire”.   John maintains the song’s pensive moments and his guitar work is perfect.   As the song ends though, Bruce’s “wooo oooh” is superior to John’s.   You have to play the song to understand that last comment 🙂