MATH LESSONS from Beyonce and Kelly Clarkson

“1+1”     BEYONCE’

beyonce 1+1Imagine you’re a male teenager in math class and your substitute teacher for the day:   Beyonce’.    She doesn’t claim to be the greatest teacher but she would definitely keep every boy’s attention.   Queen B sings, “I don’t know much about algebra (but I know), One plus one equals two, And it’s me and you, That’s all we’ll have when the world is through.”   The raw, sensual accompanying video pans in tight on Beyonce’s face as she shares every ounce of emotion in the beautifully seductive clip.   It’s the lead track on her 4th CD and the combination of funk guitar, wind chimes, and her gritty vocals makes it a stand-out Beyonce’ power ballad.




Kelly-Clarkson-EinsteinYou may have missed these notes in math class but Ms. Clarkson is here to teach us some new algebra formulas on relationships.

“Simple math, our love divided by the square root of pride,
Multiply your lies, plus time, I’m going out of my mind”.

I believe it was Jerry Seinfeld who told us no one ever gets called Einstein as a compliment.  It’s always, “way to go, Einstein!”  Just like being described as Sherlock Holmes is a clue you’re oblivious to the obvious.   Here’s Kelly comeback to her clueless boyfriend.

“I may not be Einstein but I know DUMB + DUMB = YOU!”