Matt LeBlanc Music Video Cameos

“How You Doin’?”   Joey Tribbiani’s catch-phrase from “Friends” is one of those time capsule moments from the 90’s.   Matt LeBlanc spent ten years on the hit TV show, “Friends” after years of paying his dues in Hollywood trying to make it to the big time.  Fittingly he worked up some “anticipation” when he got his first exposure with a Heinz ketchup commercial in 1987, but do you remember when he played Kelly Bundy’s boyfriend on “Married With Children”?  How about his soft porn role on an episode (“Just Like That”) of Showtime’s erotic series “Red Shoes Diaries”?   When you’re breaking into the business you’ve got to seize every opportunity to get your foot in the door.   Matt played upon his good looks and charming smile and scored a number of memorable cameos in music videos by some of the biggest names in music of the era.  Let’s highlight three of his best!    If you’re looking for a little more “Joey” check out Jon Bon Jovi’s “Say It Isn’t So” and Tom Petty’s “Into The Great Wide Open”. @Matt_LeBlanc

“NIGHT MOVES”   Bob Seger (Daphne Zuniga cameo here too!)

“MIRACLE”     Jon Bon Jovi (from the “Young Guns” soundtrack)

“WALK AWAY”   Alanis Morissette (pre-“You Oughta Know”)