Meet BRIDGET KELLY: Next R&B Superstar?


bridget-kelly-honey-magBridget Kelly is a new artist signed to Jay-Z’s Roc Nation label. Bridget is a graduate of the same performing arts school that FAME was based on and you can feel her soulful passion in each of her songs. She’s filled in for Alicia Keys on live performances of Jay-Z’s NYC anthem, Empire State Of Mind. You can see the physical and artistic similarities to Alicia but Bridget projects more of a street-vibe to her persona. Her first single was a cover of Frank Ocean’s Thinking About Forever but her second attempt, Special Delivery, really lets Bridget’s talent shine.


Bridget-Kelly-InterviewCome on, this has to be the anthem for girls who’ve dated one too many guys who’ve let them down. Yes, she does drop the F-bomb too many times here but it’s one of those attitude tracks that we’ve all experienced.  If you can relate, you’ll be cranking this one in your car.

Bridget-KellyThis song was written by Sonyae Elise who I’ve promoted many times on my site. Sonyae is a brilliant songwriter most famous for winning the inaugural season of the Bravo’s Platinum Hit, a reality songwriting competition. Sonyae’s big hit on the show was Stranger To Love (one of my top 10 songs of 2011). After writing the song, she gave the song to Bridget Kelly to release. Love both versions of the song, Bridget’s style totally syncs with Sonyae’s emotional lyrics.


No studio tricks, Auto-tune, or flashy videos to distract us. Simply Bridget sitting in the studio with an acoustic guitar player squeezing each ounce of emotion out of the Kings Of Leon smash hit. This young lady is the “real deal”, looking forward to her first full length CD this year.