Meet MKTO: From Nickelodean To Pop Star!

MKTO Classic2014’s surprise hit, “Classic”, is such a fun throwback jam that merges Jackson Five energy with the boy band sound of the Backstreet Boys/N*Sync but somehow still sounds modern and fresh. The band, MKTO, derived their name from the duo’s initials, Malcolm Kelley and Tony Oller, but the guys say MKTO stands for their attitude, Misfit Kids and Total Outcasts. Four years ago, Malcolm and Tony starred on Nickelodean’s show, Gigantic, as best friends. During the next four years, Malcolm and Tony were dropping homemade music videos on YouTube. It caught the attention of Columbia Records who signed the actors to a contract and their musical career just exploded this past twelve months.

“JUST THE WAY YOU ARE” Malcolm Kelley and Tony Oller


MKTOMKTO’s debut single, “Thank You” hit a half of million views on YouTube in the first two days! Their second single, “Classic” name drops three of the biggest R&B superstars of all-time. Who can resist that hook line “I wanna thrill you like Michael, I wanna kiss you like Prince, Let’s get it on like Marvin Gaye”.  MKTO’s sound is pop/hip hop but they’ve got a little more attitude than most of overplayed boy band hits. Single #3 “God Only Knows” isn’t a Beach Boys cover, but it’s another Top 40 hit. In 2013, MKTO was opening for acts like Demi Lovato and Emblem3, but after three huge hits this year, MKTO was headlining their own tour this summer! Watch out for their latest song, “American Dream” that packs a little extra hip hop into the mix, sure fire Top 10 hit!