Meet Pitbull’s Sexy Protege’ – Nayer

nayer2She’s got looks that rival Sofia Vergara and vocals better than most female pop stars today, yet to many, Nayer is an unknown pop star.  Despite multiple nominations for Latin Billboard and MTV Video Awards plus three Top Ten singles including a massive #1 worldwide smash, Nayer has yet to release her first solo album.  Clearly one of sexiest, most marketable, beautiful Latina singers today, the Cuban singer from Miami, Florida is a record company’s dream artist to come along.   At the age of 7, Nayer sang on TV shows like Star Search and Sabado Gigante, but it wasn’t until 2008, that her musical career finally started.


pitbull-and-nayer4.png w=523Pitbull noticed Nayer (how could he not!) and took the pop star under his wing.  She appeared on his huge hits “I Know You Want Me” and “Shut It Down (with Akon)” but strictly in a minor backup role.  Then came 2011, Enrique Iglesias featured Nayer’s pop vocals on his “Dirty Dancer Remix (with Usher)” and Pitbull did the same on his global chart topper “Give Me Everything”.   Nayer was on fire with two international hits!   In 2012, her first solo single, “Suave (Kiss Me)” payed homage to the merengue classic but modernized it with club beats added some hip hop flavor to the track.  Nayer lit up the screen wearing a skin-tight black catsuit in the Island-themed video.  It went to #1 in four countries, Nayer’s first solo Top Ten hit.


“SUAVE (KISS ME)”    Nayer with Pitbull and Moyombi

nayerNayer is clearly a major star on the rise, so why hasn’t she released a full album yet?   She’s been working on her debut CD with producer, RedOne for over two years.   Someone’s dropping the ball here and missing out on a golden opportunity to capitalize on Nayer’s potential.   Here’s hoping 2014 is the magic year and Nayer’s first album is finally released and an new international superstar is discovered.




“GIVE ME EVERYTHING”   Pitbull with Nayer and Ne-Yo

“PEARLY GATES”   Pitbull with Nayer   (Bryan Adams sample)