Megan Fox, Lucifer, and Frederick’s Of Hollywood?

Megan Fox may never be nominated for an Academy Award but it’s clear Megan knows “Sex Sells”.   In a just-released new commercial for Frederick’s Of Hollywood, Megan makes a mini-comeback as the featured model in their new promotion.   Set to the back beat of Emily Bell and the Talkback’s all-attitude throwback song, “Back To The Way I Was”, Megan is dressed in purple lingerie with matching stilettos and then a quick montage of her in black, red, and baby blue outfits.   It’s 100% obvious, predictable, and totally hot!   The marketing department nailed this one with one of the sexiest actresses of recent years with a killer rock song and perfect product placement.   Slam dunk victory for Frederick’s Of Hollywood.  @the_native_tiger   @meganfox

MEGAN FOX AD for Frederick’s Of Hollywood


If you’re unfamiliar with Emily Bell and the Talkbacks, their most notable claim to fame is having her songs featured in Fox’s breakout smash, “Lucifer”.  If you love Elle King, you’ll notice a lot of similarity with Emily’s style.  Her website,, paints a vivid description:  “Fierce and fiery songstress, Emily Bell, is back with a ballsy new sound, equal parts garage and future-facing rock n roll, capturing both the tension and vulnerability of a millennial woman in front of a shifting backdrop.”   Their first EP, Kali, was named after the Goddess of Destruction, “the powerful destroyer of ignorance and ego”.   You can check out more at @emilybellmusic on Twitter and their latest single, “Can’t Talk Back”.

“BACK TO THE WAY I WAS” Emily Bell and the Talkbacks