Meghan Linsey – Bold Like A Lion (Album Review)

Meghan Linsey finished as the runner-up on Season 8 of NBC’s The Voice losing to Sawyer Frederick. She was also previously a member of the country music duo, Steel Magnolia, but what has she been up to the last two years since her breakout appearance on national TV?  She has just released her debut album, “Bold As A Lion”, an independent release with some surefire hits and a couple of really unique collaborations. 2017 has been a roller coaster year with political controversy at an NFL football game, a near-death experience with a vicious spider bite, and the release of her new album. “Bold As A Lion” is a fitting title for a fighter like Meghan. Let’s take a look inside the new album:

Earlier this year at a Tennessee Titans and Seattle Seahawks football game, Meghan sang the National Anthem and joined the player’s silent political protest movement by taking a knee after the song. This followed the pattern set by numerous NFL players including quarterback Colin Kapernick, and President Trump’s vehement stand against any so-called disrespect for the ceremony. Meghan took a lot of flack for her decision but it wasn’t an act of a lack of patriotism. She is a strong advocate for the Wounded Warrior Project and like her album’s title isn’t afraid to stand up for what she believes in: a country where all lives matter and people are allowed to speak their mind. The title track is a triumphant female empowerment anthem that starts the album on the right track.


“Bold Like A Lion” has two notable collaborations. “Freak For The Beat” with B-52’s pioneer, Fred Schneider, is the most innovative track on the album. Name dropping lines like “Gin and Juice” and “some girls work, some girls twerk, I do a little of both” will grab your attention. But hearing Fred reprise lines from “Love Shack” and matching Meghan’s fiesty attitude is a special treat! Aloe Blacc joins Linsey on “Say It To My Face” which has a Carrie Underwood “Before He Cheats” kind of vibe. It’s one of top four songs on the debut album.

“FREAK TO THE BEAT” with Fred Schneider of the B-52’s

Earlier this year, Meghan woke up with a stinging sensation on her face and a dead recluse spider in her hand. The vicious bite just below her eye became infected with venom and left her with a gruesome gash on her beautiful face. She is recovering nicely with oxygen treatments and just this week, you may have caught Meghan in the crowd at the CMA’s looking amazing in an off-the-shoulder black and glittery gold evening gown. She discussed the spider bite incident and recovery on an episode of The Doctors.


Look for the piano-driven power ballad, “Mr. Homewrecker” as the next music video from the album. An ultra-emotional tearjerker packs a punch but the bluesy album closer, “Save It For Myself” is even more incredible. Like her performances on The Voice, Meghan has a soulful throwback voice that sounds more Stax than Nashville here. The album’s tour-de-force is the upbeat party track, “Exes and Friends” that should become a huge country radio hit if programmers are willing to take a chance on something different. The album isn’t perfect but the shining moments are truly special!

ALBUM REVIEW:   B    A strong but hit and miss collection that showcases Meghan’s bold attempt to highlight many facets of her musical talent. “Exes and Friends”, “Save It For Myself” and “Freak To The Beat” are MUST GET downloads.

“SAY IT TO MY FACE” with Aloe Blacc