Metal 80’s Covers: Maniac and Microphone Fiend



Remember that opening scene in Flashdance when Jennifer Beals is drenched in sweat and training hardcore in the warehouse?   Set to the tune of singer/songwriter Michael Sembello’s Top 40 hit “Maniac”, the song has become a workout playlist favorite for decades.   A Greek power metal band, Firewind, turns up the amps and cranks out a metal cover of the 80’s favorite.   Great homemade YouTube clip linking Flashdance footage to Firewind’s version.


Eric-B-RakimYou don’t get much more classic Old School rap than the duo of Eric B & Rakim.   Their signature song “Microphone Fiend”  has become a heavily-sampled and often covered favorite (Snoop Dogg, Muse, Eminem, Limp Bizkit,…)  for the past three decades.   Rage Against The Machine recorded their last album in 2000.  “Renegades” was a collection of cover songs and the opening track paid homage to 80’s B-Boy attitude and smooth operators, with RATM’s one-of-a-kind Funk Metal style.