Metal Cover Songs of 80’s Classics: Dope, Lacuna Coil, Sonata Arctica, Godhead


Who knew that Italy had Goth bands? Lacuna Coil features two lead singers, Andrea Ferro and Cristina Scabbia. The interchange between a male and female singer creates a powerful chemistry on stage. They haven’t hit it big in the States, although many of their songs have made it onto movie soundtracks like Underworld Evolution. They’ve been opening for bands like Lamb Of God, Nine Inch Nails, and Megadeth, so they’re not looking for a mainstream audience. Their unique cover of Depeche Mode offers a fresh take on such an iconic radio hit.


Dead Or Alive took this song to the top of the charts in 1985.    One of the best New Wave dance records of the decade was featured in Adam Sandler’s homage to the 80’s, The Wedding Singer.   Jessica Simpson took a stab at the song and we all know the 2009 reworking of the song by Flo Rida.    But my favorite version was a hardcore metal remake by Dope on their American Apathy CD in 2005.   The song was included on Christian Bale’s “American Psycho” soundtrack.


No one can touch the heart stopping Scorpions power ballad of the 80’s, but a Finnish band named Sonata Arctica take the song on a wild ride.    Keeping the tempo faithful and deliberate in the opening minute, you’re prepared for a typical remake.   Then an evil laugh and a speed-metal drum roll flips the mood of the song.    The band has been popular and a big concert draw all over Europe but a relative unknown to the States.   Want to have your mind blown, check out their video of Bette Midler’s “The Wind Beneath My Wings”.


I’m throwing in a bonus song, not an 80’s hit but it fits with the metal cover theme. Paul McCartney probably never envisioned his sweet ballad, the tribute to the reclusive Eleanor Rigby, becoming a hard rock song. Godhead is most famous for being the ONLY band signed to Marilyn Manson’s record label. His Posthuman Label lasted about as long as Kim Kardashian’s recent marriage. You can feel Marilyn Manson’s influence all over this Beatles cover. I love when a remake takes a song in a totally different direction, Beatles purists hate this version but I think it’s fun!