Metal Covers – Five Finger Death Punch / Of Mice & Men

Two of the hottest songs on this week’s iTunes Metal Charts are cover songs by two of the most popular current bands going today.  Five Finger Death Punch released their first compilation album, “A Decade Of Destruction” this winter.  Following the lead single, “Trouble”, the band dug deep in the archives and remade “Gone Away” from The Offspring in 1997. The original version wasn’t a huge hit like “Self Esteem” or “Pretty Fly For A White Guy”. But it was one of the most underrated and emotional singles from The Offspring with their unique blend of Modern Rock and Pop Punk. In the hands of Ivan Moody and Five Finger Death Punch the intensity gets cranked to eleven and the emptiness of losing a love one is amplified deeper with the new direction of the production. FFDP have covered some all-time classics over the years including “Bad Company” and “House Of The Rising Sun” and “Gone Away” is on par with both of these songs.

“GONE AWAY” Five Finger Death Punch

“GONE AWAY” The Offspring

Pink Floyd is a band you don’t hear as often anymore on the radio. But their epic single, “Money”, from The Dark Side Of The Moon gets a makeover in 2018. Of Mice And Men have a new album, “Defy”, coming out next week with a new vocalist, Aaron Pauley (their bassist). The lead single is heavy version of “Money”. The band was reluctant to take on the classic calling Pink Floyd, “kind of in the pantheon of untouchables”. But they put a modern spin on the song with digital money counter effects taking the place of metal coins in the original. The band will be embarking on a 2018 in support of “Defy”.

“MONEY” Of Mice And Men