Metal Covers: Pantera and Human Waste Project with KORN


pantera-dimebagMatch made in metal heaven:   Take Ted Nugent’s 1977 sexually fired rock classic “Cat Scratch Fever” and let the best thrash metal band to ever come of Texas, take their crack at it.      When you can’t control yourself, you’re like a cat that needs to scratch and claw your way out. The song is pure unadulterated sex.  Nugent subtlety described it on stage as “Can’t Scratch Her Beaver”.     Ironically, Pantera’s version was initially slammed by The Motor City Madman when they first released it on the Detroit Rock City Soundtrack album.   Ted said, “It was exceedingly white.   No soul, no balls, no feel, Caucasian all the way.”   Following Dimebag Darrell’s murder, Nugent backed off his criticism and mourned Pantera’s huge loss.



Human+Waste+ProjectOh, the controversy with this one!   When Napster first came out, someone labeled this song as “This Town” by Korn and Kittie.    Kittie is a successful female Canadian death metal/alternative band with a hardcore image.   Imagining Kittie would take this 80’s pop rock classic by The Go-Go’s and rough it up with Korn would have made a lot of sense.   For years, music fans have downloaded this song assuming it was by  Kittie and Korn.   But true fans, know the truth.  It’s actually just Jonathan Davis from Korn (not the whole band) joining a California female band named the Human Waste Project for a blistering cover of Belinda Carlisle’s ode to her hometown.  The Human Waste Project only recorded one studio album but they deserve credit for this cover.

Warning:   The song’s lyrics are NSFW