MGK, Five Finger Death Punch, Primal Rock Rebellion: Powerful Brand New Videos


One of the most explosive bands I’ve seen in concert in many years, lead singer, Ivan Moody’s passion and intensity just draws the audience in. Their lyrics dig deep: Tributes to the troops (Bad Company), reminders of vivid memories (The Bleeding and Remember Everything), and here on “The Pride” – the commitment to never surrender. Track 3 on their American Capitalist CD will get the mosh pit going. Yes, they have some crazy rhymes here like Bill Gates and Paleface, White House and Mickey Mouse, but it all adds to fun before the chorus says it all: “I will not be forgotten, this it my time to shine. I’ve got the scars to prove it, only the strong survive. I’m not afraid of dying, everyone has their time. I’ve never favored weakness, welcome to the pride”

“STEREO”    MGK with Fitts of the Kick

Hot new video of MGK (Machine Gun Kelly) rapping with a live band and a slick drummer. MGK’s flow is hard to describe. He sounds “old-school” but his style is modern at the same time. Adding in the urgency of a drummer makes this feel almost like a punk rock record at times. Love when artists mix up the genres! MGK is on fire right now and I think he’ll soon be the new rapper (move over Pitbull and Lil Wayne) they go to for guest MC roles on future R&B hits.

A heavy metal supergroup formed in London combines Adrian Smith of Iron Maiden and Mikee Goodman of SiKth. Their sound is a mix of progressive rock, nu-metal, and traditional heavy metal. The song builds intensity until 1:48 when the hammer gets dropped. Love the powerful vocals and that ending guitar riff sounds better with each repeat listen.